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Chris Herman

Welcome Aboard!


On behalf of the entire crew here at The Herman Agency, I would like to personally extend a warm welcome to each of you as you join us on the next phase of our journey.  With much pride, today is the day that we launch our new brand identity.  This day has been a long time in the making—one that many talented, hard-working people have contributed significantly to.  To you all, I extend my deepest thanks for your hard work and dedication to our agency.


This day might never have come if not for a potentially devastating natural disaster that inadvertently set us on this new course.  Hurricane Irma, while ultimately not nearly as damaging to South Florida as she could have been, did, in fact, force this day upon us.  I never thought I would be grateful for the damaging effects of a storm, but I am.  Irma forced us to leave the comfort of our old office and, ultimately, the comfort of our old ways.  Necessity dictated that we not only find a new home, but that we find a new us.


The new us begins with our name.  For the last few years, I’ve felt the name of our agency, Herman Advertising, didn’t truly represent who we were.  We are a smart, talented and agile digital marketing company supported by the historical methods of traditional advertising.  Our clients understand this as well.  However, “Advertising” felt outdated and diminished our true capabilities.  Additionally, our brand identity needed modernizing in order to better reflect who we really are as an agency.  In short, it was time for something new.  Something fresh.  A brand identity that truly felt like “us.”


In September of 2017 we set about the task of creating this new identity.  Now, some six months later, we finally are ready to unveil the new us, The Herman Agency.


Our refined name, our new look and feel, as well as our new office space is now an inspiring and accurate reflection of where we came from, who we are and where we are headed.


The agency’s story and new identity is rooted deeply in my own family’s history.  Most particularly, the times my sister, Becky, and I spent as kids on the family sailboat with our father, Joe.  In many ways, the long days we spent on the boat forged much of who I am now and who we are as an agency.  They were times rooted in a sense of ease.  Ease to be yourself and enjoy the fresh air, the smell of the salt water and the warmth of the sun beaming down from the sky.  And to simply enjoy gazing upon and ultimately arriving at the many small islands that we set sail for.


We formed lasting bonds in the tight quarters of our Bristol sailboat and laughed a lot.  Our time on the boat also gave us an opportunity to learn much about ourselves and life’s more important themes.  We learned that the freedom of traveling the open seas does not come without significant preparedness, responsibility and commitment.  These lessons and values run deep at Herman.  The combination of understanding our responsibilities and commitments, while never losing our smile or our sense of joy and discovery.


Our new logo has a number of meaningful touch points—each of them rooted in the special times and lessons learned on the boat.  The crossbeam of the H is pointed on the right to look like the bow of our family’s sailboat.  The dark blue represents our depth of experience and thoughtfulness—like the deep, blue ocean.  Light blue represents the notion that the sky is the limit.  The grey on the left, similar to a boat’s mast, represents the strength and steeliness of our resolve.  And the green represents our passion to always be moving in a fresh new direction.  Finally, the whole logo was designed to look like a flag—a flag we waive with pride.


This is our brand story.  This is who we are.  We are Herman.  And The Herman Agency is a full marketing, advertising and brand communications agency where Commitment is our Compass.


Our deep retail automotive heritage and legacy of excellence has positioned us to help businesses of all kinds navigate the modern marketing world.  Initiating sales conversations is our goal.  A balanced approach of strategy, digital, traditional, and creative is our craft.


The Herman Agency is comprised of smart, talented and devoted individuals who live and breathe our clients’ businesses.  With more than 12 years of operation under our belt, we remain 100% committed—to our work, to each other, to our client partners, to always seeking new ideas, and to doing whatever it takes to achieve success—the right way.


Hence our motto, “Commitment is our Compass.”


The Herman crew is made up of quality talent from all walks of life.  It’s our complementary differences that make us strong, and our commitment to each other that makes our work even stronger.  With over a century of combined experience, proud wins and hard lessons, we are well-rigged to guide our clients’ business to success.  Our client partners know they can count on us for honest recommendations, thoughtful ideas in both the digital and traditional realm, plus, exciting and effective creative that drives results.


At Herman, we are relationship people.  It shows in the client bonds we’ve maintained throughout the years, and it’s the sweet spot of everything we do here.  After the hard work has been done, our meaningful client relationships often develop over a shared meal, a nice bottle of wine and some meaningful, spirited conversation.  These are the special moments—the ones that seal us in a shared journey towards victories big and small.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is who we are. We are The Herman Agency.


Now it’s time to set our sights on the future and set sail.


Always all the best to you and yours…



Welcome Aboard!

Chris Herman

A Fight Song

Chris Herman

Never Forget

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